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Veel Gestelde Vragen.

How do you become a Professional Mermaid?

It’s a self created job. Anyone can do it and if you are passionate and determined, go for it! I would suggest taking some courses in freediving and/or scuba diving, maybe dancing, singing, sewing, etc. Make yourself a tail or save up and buy one, there are a lot of great tailmakers out there. I would suggest practicing in a fabric tail, with a decent monofin, before buying a silicone tail, they require technique and experience.


What kind of events can I hire a Mermaid Performer for?

You can hire a Mermaid Performer for all sorts of events, dry or wet, indoors or outdoors, for commercials, branding a product, movies, videoclips, poolparties, beachclub events, meet & greets, tank performances, and so on. Contact us and we will put together a formula for you that’s perfectly adapted to the location where you are hosting your event.


Do you take commisions?

 Sorry, not at the moment. They are very time consuming and I love performing more then being a tailmaker. I’m also too busy right now. Hope you understand. But you never know, maybe in the future. Once in a while I put one of my used tails up for sale so for now, that’s the only way of getting one.

How do you make your tails? What materials do you use?

The materials I use are neoprene, sequins and vinyl. I trace my body on the neoprene, cut the vinyl to create the shape of the fins and sew it all together. After that, the long proces of sewing on sequins begins, by hand, one by one, using nylon thread. Some say you can do it using a machine but the sequins break way faster then if you were sewing them on by hand. So sorry to burst your bubble, but doing it the old fashioned way is what works best in this case.

Where did you get the colored vinyl you use on your tails?

I found it at a local indepent fabric store where I buy all my supplies. Also, a Mermaid needs a little bit of mystery, no?

How long can you hold your breath?

When I’m in static apnea, I’m close to 4 min. But obviously, we are swimming around a lot and then it gets reduced to 1 min.

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