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About Celine

Celine has been a professional Mermaid since 2004 and has been credited the first one in Belgium. Her love for the ocean, the legends and the mystery behind these mythical, alluring creatures are what drove her to start her business. The stories date back from the Ancient Greeks and even after all these years, people everywhere are still mesmerized by these beings and what they stand for. At a young age she knew already she wanted to do something creative, she practised dancing, singing, acting  and later on, graduated in the Performing Arts. 


Swimming was one of her passions, she felt free and nothing but pure joy. Not soon after she decided to turn her dreams into reality and became Professional Mermaid with the support of her family and friends. Not long after, she booked her first gig and was asked to perform in a videoclip for a congres in Kopenhagen. Today she's performing fulltime internationally.


Celine makes her own beautiful high performance and fully functional sequin tails and tops. Each one of them is a piece of art, made by hand and can take between 3-6 months to complete.

Celine is available for hire for events, photoshoots, film and collaborations.

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